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The Dungeons - Who Built This ? - Kai Rosenkranz - Risen Soundtrack - apologise

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  1. Tagor
    The soundtrack was included as a bonus with the game. And yes, in case you were wondering, it is as good as the Gothic soundtracks. In fact, I'd say it's better. That's right, this is the best I've yet heard from Kai Rosenkranz. The music is almost all, if not entirely, recordings of real instruments.
  2. Vudozshura
    Risen was a spinoff from the German-developed Gothic series that was released to reasonable sales in Like Gothic 3 before it, Kai Rosenkranz took a leading role in the entire game production and one of his responsibilities was the score. Rather than producing another orchestral accompaniment to the game, Rosenkranz opted to take a more.
  3. Kakinos
    (Score) Risen Soundtrack (by Kai Rosenkranz) - , FLAC (tracks +.cue), lossless Страницы: 1 Главная» Музыка» Саундтреки, караоке и мюзиклы» Саундтреки к играм (lossless).
  4. Arashimi
    Jun 08,  · Risen 3: Titan Lords Soundtrack (by Dynamedion) Dungeons & Dragons Soundtrack (Complete by Justin Caine Burnett) Risen 2: Dark Waters Soundtrack (by Tilman Sillescu (Dynamedion)) Dungeons of Dredmor Soundtrack (by Matthew Steele) Dragon Age: Origins Soundtrack (by Inon Zur) Dead Island Original Game Soundtrack (by Pawel Blaszczak) Dungeons.
  5. Voodoogul
    The latest Tweets from Kai Rosenkranz (@KaiRosenkranz). Streamer: disco.gukswordcasternador.infoinfo Music and sound guy on Gothic , Risen 1, and more Husband, father Followers: K.
  6. Shasho
    Oct 13,  · Risen 1 Original Soundtrack # The Dungeons: Who Built This von Kai Rosenkranz Risen 1 OST von der PC Collector's Edition.
  7. Dumuro
    Risen (PC/) - The Spiritual Successor to the Gothic series of RPGs. Clevinger Registered User regular. Music: Risen Medley. Another Medley of music themes which composer Kai Rosenkranz from Piranha Bytes created for the roleplaying game RISEN which is currently under development. size = 1,75 MB Fan music from Piranha Club.
  8. Nigis
    Soundtrack Risen · 1. Risen Title Theme 2. The Beach 3. The Beach - Fight 4. The Island 5. The Island At Night 6. The Harbor City 7. The Harbor City At Night 8. The Volcanic Fortress 9. The Vo.

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